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Umair Batting Gloves

Umair Batting Gloves

Umair Batting Gloves :- 

Poly Armour Plating On All Finger Sections 

Critical Armour On 1st Two Fingers Of Bottom Hand 

3 Layer Impact System Vapour Foam For Ventilation 

Impact Gel Inserts On Side Of Forefinger 

Leather Pro+ Palm With Textured Grip Air Flow Gusset 

Multiple Sections Of Impact Foam Pre Curved Fingers Reduce Hand Fatigue Interlocking V- Design For Stress Free Fit  

Hdf Impact + High Density Impact Foam With A Complex Molecular Structure At A Fraction Of The Weight Of More 


Poly Armour The High Molecular Density Of This Polymer Makes It Ideal For Dissipating Shock Waves Longitudinally Within Its Structure. For This Reason, Poly Armour Is Ultra Thin And Lightweight. 


The Closed-Cell Structure Of This Foam Gives Optimum Compression Resistance To Ball Impacts, While Efficiently Absorbing Painful Shockwaves. These Properties Hugely Reduce Ball Rebound, And Minimize The Chance Of Being Caught Out After Impact.


 The Open-Cell Structure Of This Lightweight Foam Allows Sweat Vapour To Pass Through It, For Increased Comfort During Long Innings. Owing To The Low Density Of This Foam, It Moulds Well To The User’s Body, Giving A Soft Feel For The Perfect Fit.   


 This Material Exhibits A High Elastic Flexibility, Which Is Combined With Strong Molecular Cross-Linking. The Result Is An Ultra Flexible Material, With Enough Shock Absorption To Give Confidence To The Highest Level   


 Using An Innovative Lightweight Polymer, Each Thimble Is 40% Lighter Than Others In The Market; A Weight Reduction Of 15% Per Wicket Glove Pair. Embossed Ribs On The Inside Maximize Grip At The Catcher’s` Fingertips, For Ultimate Feel And Performance.

PU+  :- 

An Extremely Lightweight Technical Microfiber Fabric, Which Is Unequalled In Its Combination Of Softness And Durability.   


A Full Grain Grade A Sheep Leather. This Is The Premium Leather With A Soft, Supple Feel, For Unequalled Flexibility And Breathability.

Made In Pakistan

©Copyright Reserved Bholla ( 1960 - 2017 )

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